Row Round Britain

* POSTPONED TO 2014 * A test of mental and physical strength awaits those who jump in a boat to race around Britain  

A unique new challenge is set to turn ordinary people into heroes almost overnight. The Round Britain Rowing Race has been designed to bring the power and fury of ocean conquest to the nation's doorstep, and anyone who wants to try something exceptional and testing is invited to join in.

In a race that's never been attempted before, ocean rowing boats crewed by teams of 15 will haul themselves around the whole of mainland Britain. It will take up to two months to cover the 2,000 miles, facing storms, headwinds, tidal pressures and the risk of collision in busy seaways.

What makes the new venture unusual is that it has been designed to attract inexperienced enthusiasts with a hunger for achievement as well as rowing aces.


The journey will be sliced up into 10 separate legs, with two consequences.

Firstly, this creates bite-sized adventures for people who can't spare the weeks required for the complete journey. If individuals want to sign up for one, two, or however many legs of the total, that's allowed. A single section could take up to five days, providing huge opportunities for individual achievement.

But if rowers feel up to the whole 2,000 miles, that is also on the menu. The 15-strong teams will be changed as necessary when boats reach port.

The second result of this staged approach is that it makes ocean rowing exciting for spectators. Crowds are expected on headlands and at the 10 harbours where boat teams will dash for the line then rest for a day or so before launching themselves on the next section.

Individuals and small groups are expected to sign up and be placed in teams under experienced captains, with training and instruction available all over the country.

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Adapted from the Daily Telegraph Article 6/11/2009



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