Woodvale Challenge organise "The World's Toughest Rowing Races". There are different races that offer competitors a range of challenges.

The Atlantic Rowing Race 2011

This is the original ocean rowing race that has catapulted ocean rowing onto the World stage of extreme sports. Prior to the first Atlantic Rowing Race back in 1997, the number of successful ocean rows could be counted in tens.

Since that first race, the number of successful crossings has increased ten fold. More people have rowed an ocean as part of one of the organsied races than the rest of successful rows in history. The race structure offers the safest way to row an ocean - it's put ocean rowing within the reach of the ordinary person.

Teams from all over the World compete on equal terms within three race classes in this latest generation of the event. All entrants are supported by professional on water safety coverage as well as port logistics, race parties and race web site.

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Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2011

This is the latest race route that has been opened by Woodvale Challenge. Originally conceived by Simon Chalk prior to the start of the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Race 2001 - the Indian Ocean is a warm weather route that has a range of different challenges not faced on the Atlantic Rowing Races.

Rarely in life do you get the opportunity to compete in a "first" - the Indian Ocean Rowing Race offers just that. There are a whole series of records for the taking. First pair, first female, first four - there are many records up for grabs - not least the overall land to land record and current speed records.

So why are there still so many records still standing on the Indian? The answer is that until 2002, nobody had attempted to row the ocean since 1973. Simon's first attempt in 2002 ended with capsize and then in 2003 he succesfully crossed the ocean solo in 107 days.

Now the race is on... Woodvale Challenge is incorporating the same high level of safety coverage and boat preperation to take on this new route for everyone to experience. The port clearances are in place - the challenge is set after years of planning.

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